Can an uninsured driver drive an insured car

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Can an uninsured driver drive an insured car?

The said question is often found to pester youngsters and adults in all parts of the world. The reason is the multiplicity of information revolving around in public circles without quoting any substantial reference. However, finding the right information becomes mandatory once the driver gets caught in legal limbo. Certain state laws ban uninsured people from driving insured cars and put the entire liability in the hands of the car owner. The question persists. Can an individual drive an uninsured car without insurance if the car owner has one for himself? Let’s answer this!


Auto insurance coverages explained

Car insurance is mandatory in the 47 US states and covers a wide range of risks, damages, and liabilities which otherwise can be a pain to the owner. An auto insurance agency provides multiple coverages to the client. The client is free to choose based on his driving style, geographical location, etc.

Different types of coverages provided by an insurance agency include the following,


  • Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage is provided to ensure a vehicle against non-accident-related harm. This policy grants coverage to other people driving the car as well, provided they are permissive drivers. Therefore, even if the friend unintentionally caused damage to the vehicle, the insurance policy will take care of it. Protection against water damage and fire-related damage is also provided under this coverage. 

  • Collision coverage

Collision coverage protects the vehicle and the driver from making payments against the damages caused by the former. For example, if you are driving a car and someone’s uninsured pet gets hurt during an accident, who is to pay for the hospital expenses? In this case, the collision coverage will pay for the incurred hospitalization expenses. 

  • Medical payments coverage

Medical payment coverage is provided to the driver of the vehicle. If a permissive driver gets hurt during an accident, this coverage ensures that the hospitalization expenses are fully borne by the policy. 

  • Auto Liability coverage

When a driver of a car causes damage to other people’s life or property, the auto liability coverage ensures that nothing is to be paid from the driver’s pocket. For example, if you hurt someone’s pet as a driver, the auto liability coverage will take care of the expenses. 

What happens when I let someone else drive my car?

Contrary to popular belief, auto insurance follows the vehicle and not the driver. So, a permissive driver driving your car will be covered under the policy framework. For example, if such a driver causes an accident, the medical bill of the other party will be borne by the insurance policy itself. This negatively impacts the insurance credibility of the policyholder. Uninsured drivers are suggested to take up the personal liability coverage. Personal liability coverage provides driver insurance protection during an accident. 


How do you make someone a permissive driver?

It is quite obvious now that in order to enjoy the benefits of car insurance, one must be a permissive driver. Most car insurance companies will require you to list the name of people you allow to be a driver. However, certain agents will also accept anyone as a permissive driver with permission from the car owner. The extent of coverage might differ based on the state laws and policies. 


The law denies all uninsured drivers the right of driving a car. Anyone caught in a legal facade might be able to get away with the expenses. However, the legal framework ensures that the car driver faces due action due to his or her negligence.

By Author: Medicare | 12 Jan 2022
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