How to Make a Car Insurance Claim in 2022

Car Insurance document containing the Claim process

Car insurance policy cover allows policyholders to receive claims in case of accident or damage to the car. Making a claim itself is a long process, requiring complex steps. However, the process got further complicated because of the presence of too many mediators. The claim process is usually supposed to provide immediate relief to the policyholder. 

Every car insurance policy has its own distinct way of filing for claims. All the steps are more or less common. Below are all the steps you need to file for a claim after getting your car damaged. 

What is a Car Insurance Claim?

A car insurance claim is a final compensation paid by the insurance agency to the driver because of damage to the car. A claim is provided only for a list of damages pre-stated in the policy documents. Any damage because of criminal affairs or other illegal methods is not covered by the policy. Policyholders are requested to read the terms and conditions carefully before buying a policy. Due to the increasing number of road accidents, buying a car insurance policy is very crucial for all US residents. 

The amount of claim requested by the driver must be analyzed carefully. It impacts your NCB discount for the next year. NCB or No Claim Bonus is a discount offered while renewing the auto insurance policy. Repeated claims tend to affect the NCB discount and make you ineligible for the benefits. 

Steps to File for an Auto Insurance Claim

Filing for a claim is a long process. Online auto insurance websites ensure that you can file a claim without undergoing severe processes with complex steps. 

Below is a detailed step by step guide for you to follow in order to receive your auto insurance claim,

Step 1: Get in Touch with the Insurance carrier

The first step requires you to contact your insurance company with details like name, address, location, and car model. Once you have sent them all the details, the company will initiate the process from their end. Details like the accident, extent of damage, reason for accident, location, and detail will also be asked. The policyholder must stick to their facts throughout the claim process. 

Step 2: Contact the Police

Reporting the police is necessary to ensure you have a report number. The report number is requested by the auto insurance agency to verify your accident and damage. 

Step 3: Communicate with the adjuster

The third step will involve the adjuster contacting you to know further information about the accident. This stage will also involve pictures and audio records. If you have any such records, make sure to send them to the adjuster. The adjuster will be recording all the information. Try not to be gimmicky and true to the facts. 

Step 4: Seek a report from the Adjuster

Once the adjuster has heard your part of the story, they quill start with preparing the report. The report contains an estimate of the cost required to make up for the damage. Make sure to request your adjuster for a copy of this report. 

Step 5: Get your Claim

Once all the above steps have been completed, you will receive your claim within a stipulated timeline. 

Online insurance aggregators are a safe haven for making quick comparisons between auto insurance policies. Platforms, like Get my Policy, allow quick comparisons in terms of claim and premium. The user is able to make informed decisions. You are also in a position to file for paperless claims, a dream for many insurance holders. Make sure to apply for your auto insurance policy with Get my policy for a hassle-free insurance buying process. 

By Author: Kate Smith | 25 Apr 2022
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