Get My Policy pays a distinguished priority to user privacy and ensures the setting up of industry best practices to reduce information leakage. The following document describes our ways of collecting data, the objectives we put it for, reasons for the same, and the final use of available data.

We refer to as we, us, website operator, are in the above agreement. If you have any reservations about our policy decisions and metrics, please dissociate yourself from the website immediately by deleting your account.


Cookies are small files consisting of digits and alphabets which get downloaded whenever a user visits a website. When users visit the website again, a cookie that has already been downloaded on your system recognizes the web browser.

We use different types of cookies to recognize users, validate them, customize products and advertisements, prevent fraud, etc. We do not control information collected and stored by third-party cookies.

Here are a few examples demonstrating our use of cookies,

  1. We may collect and store information to assess how you go through our website. User movement on the website can give us insight into content usability and effectiveness.
  2. We may collect Zip code information, language, and unique device identifiers to help us provide content based on your need and want.

There are two types of cookies- a session and a persistent cookie. Session cookies are mandatory and will be there as long as the users persist with the website use. Persistent cookies are long-term cookies that stay even if the user has stopped using the website. It can only be removed by a deliberate effort by the user. He/she/they can do it by deleting the cookies from the system.

How do we collect information?

We collect different types of information to help us improve our services and meet organizational goals. Get my Policy collects information ranging from personal identity to location-related data, which helps us in strengthening our existing strategies to approach and interact with users. Information such as name, gender, citizenship, country name, address, phone number, the government ID number is mandatory to continue with policy purchase.

Apart from this, user questions posted on websites are available to the public. You must be attentive to the personal content being shared on the website. We also gather information like IP address, browser type, exit pages, etc. to understand user movement on the website. Such information helps us improve user experience across different pages of the website. We remain committed to maintaining the privacy of any personal information collected via phone, fax, or email. The stored information is kept with us for the retention period, as per the retention schedule, control, and tax demands of the country.

General data protection rules(GDPR)

If you hold European citizenship and purchase a policy from us, your data will be transferred to the United States. We will use and process your data per the legal and regulatory conditions. Therefore, to move forward, the User consents to their use of data as per the provisions laid out in article 6(1)(a) of the General data protection rules of the European Union. We will use all other information from website visitors and users to fulfill organizational goals and pursue legitimate interests of the company, within legal boundaries set by the law. If you find any of these provisions as an invasion of your privacy, please delete your data and abstain from using the website services.

Do-not-track request

Currently, no standard procedure or system has been developed to convey DNT requests by users. Therefore, we won’t be able to respond to any such arbitrary requests made by users. We await any standard system of DNT which gets implemented in the coming time and will commit to any such regulations which safeguard the user's decision to secure his internet usage.


We do not collect information from people below 18 years of age intentionally for any purpose planned. We request users in advance to affirm their age and in case of minor users, request parental permission for their wards’ dependence on the website. In case of minor information getting tracked, the user’s account will be deactivated and sufficient steps will be taken to discard tracked information. If your information has been tracked by us and you are a minor, feel free to email us for further protection.

Third-party privacy regulations

We regularly publish and sponsor third-party content on our website. Third-party links posted on the website blogs are meant to act as references and enhance users’ understanding of the subject matter. However, we should not be held responsible for the authenticity of any such content. Users are responsible to judge such content based on their knowledge of the subject and intellect.


We will propose regular changes in the website content and privacy policy. Users must keep a check on different sections to keep themselves acquainted with the latest changes.